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River Cruise Academy is a unique video based E-Learning and Training platform for travel partners to learn about global river cruising and some ocean cruising. Our brands cover all the major European Rivers, including the Rhine, Rhône & Saône, Seine, Danube, Douro, Moselle and Main. Get first-hand information about our amazing voyages and products, the unique travel experiences we offer and the tools to help you identify and successfully sell our voyages to your clients.

Once you complete our Online Training, you will become a River Cruise Expert and have further access to exclusive offers, news, and updates on our programmes.

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To start your Online Training, register today and start learning all about our multi award-winning river cruises and river ships. Learning on the go is fun and easy, and getting certified will provide you with all the benefits of selling river cruises!

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Nicko Cruises invite you to rediscover the art of travel on some of Europe’s most beautiful waterways. Get a deeper understanding of what makes European river cruising so special and the different characteristics of the rivers.



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River Cruise Academy will provide you with all the information you need to become a top river cruise seller and all the benefits that will bring. We use engaging video to make the experience enjoyable and we make sure that everything is covered.

Fully Flexible Learning

Our E-Learning & Training platform has been designed with our valued travel partners in mind. Registration is quick and easy and you can train in your own time, working through our modules at your own pace and when you have time to do so.

Learn, Earn & Sell

Once you have completed our training you are a river cruise expert and receive your certificate. This is a digital key to more opportunities with us, be the first to know about things, access to agent rates, FAM trips and much more. In short, you earn when you learn!

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Latest River Cruise Experts

Enjoyed how you separated modules based on content so it wasn’t too much information in one go.


American Affair

Lots of questions I had were answered from doing the course.


Freedom Destinations

The videos were extremely useful as I did not have any knowledge about the vessels prior to this.


The Cruise Club Concierge - The Travel Network Group

A great gateway in to the product.


The Cruise Club

So much to pick up and use, really enjoyed it!


The Cruise Room

Extremely high quality course which was a great help.


The Holiday Village

Nicko were new to me and now I know their product well


Go Travel

I would recommend The River Cruise Academy to my colleagues.


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